Monday, December 8, 2008

The reason why I have been slacking on my blog:


Celebrating the holidays for the first time with our daughter= Starting new holiday traditions, such as putting together a gingerbread house the day after Thanksgiving instead of putting up the Christmas tree. I dare not try making the gingerbread house from scratch. I'm afraid it won't fit together correctly (I don't want to buy the cookie cutters for it, resulting in me free handing the cookie forms) and that would result in my using lots of royal icing. So I did the next best thing. Buy a nice gingerbread cookie set from Costco for $9.99. I have decided that I will be getting it from Costco every year=) It makes the house smell so good. So far, I have restrained myself from taking a bite from any of the Christmas trees. I don't really like any of those candies so none of them are missing. Okay, maybe 2 gumballs. I wanted to make sure they really were gumballs instead of jawbreakers=) I couldn't stand the yummy smell, so I made gingerbread men. I will have to upload those pics and post them up soon. 


Shalum said...

You're not alone on the slacking part. :)

That's a cute gingerbread house, and an even cuter angel beside it. ;)

Yummy in my tummy said...

Thanks Shalum, she is an angel- for the most part. She has her days though, especially now since she has some teeth coming up.

mikky said...

she's simply adorable... i have to agree, she's looks like an angel... :)

joanh said...


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