Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas dinner

We have decided on a Christmas dinner tradition. Surf & turf for dinner. This year we had rib eye steaks, king crab legs with lemon garlic butter, steamed veggies, and buttered steamed potatoes. Yum. Oh yeah, and for dessert we had eggnog bread pudding and Martha Stewart's Slab Pie. I used my mini chocolate dessert fondue to keep the garlic lemon butter warm.  Once again, this was dinner for 2. Our little one was asleep so we both got to get our hands dirty=)
My husband wanted me to cook something fast and simple so we could spend time as a family during Christmas. This meal was so easy and so yummy. I made the eggnog bread pudding the night before (I will post the recipe). The steaks took about 14 minutes to grill. The crab legs were frozen and I steamed it about 20-30 minutes before we had dinner. The veggies and potatoes were nuked in the microwave. Fresh veggies were seasoned with salt & pepper, a little bit of adobo seasoning, and some olive oil. Microwaved it about 3-4 minutes. Medium yellow potatoes were microwaved for 8 minutes, then halved and topped with salt & pepper, and some butter. Easy breezy.


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