Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What a nightmare!

This month's Iron Cupcake challenge is Summer Berries. I had a couple of mishaps as I mentioned in my previous blog about one of my potential cupcake entries. I was going to do an Upside Down Strawberries & Champagne cupcake, but that didn't turn out as planned. I was rushing and it turned into one hot mess! It was also totally experimental. It looked good when I was preparing it before it went into the oven. Lets take a look shall we?

Sliced fresh strawberries, they look so good!
Here is some macerated strawberries. I cooked it with some champagne and sugar to make it more like syrup. Still looks pretty good. The other pics are irrelevant since I won't be posting the recipe and steps to this disastrous experiment. The next pic is the cupcakes cooling. Wait for it...wait for it......

Oh the horror!
I should have stopped then and there, but nooooo~ I wanted to take it further. "Lets try to make it work" I think to myself. "It might actually taste good". Ummm....are you ready?
Barf. Hmmm...how about a different topping?
I give up on this cupcake. This next picture isn't actually all that bad.
So I tasted it. Yuck. It was the cupcake batter. The strawberries with the champagne tasted wonderful. The cupcake batter was just horrible. Scratch that idea. Oh, I forgot to mention that the batter made 18 cupcakes, but I only baked 6 in my cupcake pan. The rest I put them in little cake pans- put it about 3/4 full- it overflowed out of the baking pans! My oven was getting all smoky and so was the house. Oh my goodness it was just a disaster. I didn't have time to take pictures. I had to take out the pans throw them into the sink and start cleaning the inside of the hot oven so it didn't get so smoky inside. Never again. Okay, maybe sometime in the future I will try it again and find the perfect recipe for it- but for now, i'm gonna have to pass on that.

My next post will be the cupcakes I will be entering=)


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