Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcome Holden!

Another one of our friends just had her 2nd baby, so I made them this cake when we went for a visit. It is a French Vanilla cake with Fresh Strawberries and whipped cream filling. I just used a box cake mix since it was a last minute thing. I didn't take any pictures on the process of making it. I am sorry. I am even more disappointed at myself for not taking a picture when they cut a slice of it, it was really pretty. 3 layers of strawberries and cream on vanilla cake. MMMMM. As for the filling- really easy. Cut up fresh strawberries and Cool Whip is all you need.

I did however, take a picture of some of the side detail of the cake.

I covered the cake in Wilton white fondant (not the best tasting fondant)- although you could add some flavoring or clear extract to get some good flavor on it, such as lemon, orange, chocolate+peppermint, etc...

I made some chocolate modeling clay to make the brown circles. It basically is a chocolate morsels/wafer+cornsyrup mixture. I used Wilton's because I already had some. In a pinch, I have even used Ghirardelli morsels that I use for cookies. I hear Merckens is pretty good, but I have yet to try them. It pretty much is the flavor and texture of a Tootsie Roll. I think I might try using that next time instead. I did the letters freehand with the modeling clay as well. My first time to try that so it isn't all that great.

Since it was a last minute idea cake, I opted to do retro circles and a rope border. I made the circles by using different sized circle fondant cutters. As for the rope, I just rolled out 2 long pieces and twisted them together. For the blue circles, it's white fondant with some mixed in Wilton Gel Colors that you can find at your local craft store. I got mine at Michaels.

Chocolate Modeling Clay Recipe

10 oz. chocolate chips (or colored candy disks to create different colors)

1/3 cup light corn syrup

Heat chocolate carefully until melted, stir in corn syrup and blend. Pour onto a waxed paper sheet and spread to approx. ½ thick. Cover loosely and let stiffen for a couple of hours or overnight. Chocolate will become very pliable.


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