Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wilton mini cake pan set.

Wilton mini cake pans

I saw this one day at Michael's and thought it would be neat to make a filled cake like that. So I bought it using my 40% off coupon, which ended up costing around $5.oo.  It looked easy enough and since the pans were non-stick, it wasn't supposed to end up like this:

without butter coating
Believe me, I cooled the cake for more than an hour before I tried to take them out. This happened to all 4 of the pans. Not wanting any of it to go to waste, I made these: 
Devils Foodcake Truffles
cake balls
I crumbled the cake using a pastry blender and fork. 

crumbled cake
I added about 1/2 cup of flavored creamer (it depends on how much crumbled cake you have. The recipe I referred to said to make a "medium sized puddle" in the crumbled cake mix. I should have used a flavor I liked instead I chose this because it was "new" and it sounded good. It doesn't taste all that good. I should have gotten something safe like French Vanilla.

adding the creamer
I used a tablespoon scooper to make these sized cake balls, then I froze it for about an hour. 
ready for freezing
I forgot to take picture of the melted chocolates I used and also forgot to take a picture of me dipping the chocolates. I used Premium Dark Chocolate Candy melts I bought from Michaels. The pink is just colored white chocolate that I also got at Michaels. 
And there is the result again: 
cake balls
Getting back to the cake pan set, I made another batch. This time, I sprayed the pans with baking spray...and this time: SUCCESS=)
made from the mini cake pans
I filled it with Nutella whipped cream. I used about 1/2 cup of Nutella, added about 2 tbsp of milk. Microwaved it for about 40 seconds and mixed it until combined. I then whipped 1/2 cup of heavy cream and later folded in the Nutella mixture. I made a lot of filling because I was also using it for my other cake (the reason why I didn't take to many pictures...I was in a rush to make the other cake for my class). 
Here are the messy cakes...becauseiwasinarush...and didn't have time to make it all pretty.  Oh, the frosting is whipped ganache. The same recipe as I used for my daughter's christening cupcakes on my previous post. 
messy mini cakes
Here is the interior of the cake with the yummy, yummy filling.
mini cake

Happy Eating!


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