Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wilton Course 1 class complete!

Our last cake project

This was our last project. The whole 2 hours was used to make roses...and lots of them. I also put funny looking leaves that grew every which way...and swirl flowers with M&M's. I had leftovers so I wanted to use it. Here is a side view of my amateur cake:

Wilton Class Course 1 completed
This is the other cake I mentioned that I needed to make because I was rushing to have it ready for class. The ganache frosting was put on much more smoothly and neater=) I decided on a shell border with some swirl flower breaks. It screams "STUDENT CAKE" doesn't it? hahaha. I didn't want to add too much buttercream frosting decorations because like I told my instructor, this cake is staying home. Whenever I make something, I usually tell my husband to bring it to work. Sometimes I take it to my work...but i'm rarely there since i'm at home with the baby. But anyway, we ate this cake up! It was sooooo good. I used box cake mix. Devils Food Cake. I occasionally make cake from scratch but I like some box cake mixes, so it doesn't bother me. Plus, who can beat the 3/$1.00 price? The frosting and filling is exactly the same from the cake mini pans on my post below. I baked them both on the same day. The reason for why I was last Wilton Course 1 class. Oh, I start Course 2 tomorrow! I'm so excited. I get to bring my daughter with me=) I couldn't register otherwise because its on a weeknight and my husband isn't able to watch her. The instructor made an exception for me=) 

Chocolate ganache cake


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