Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wilton Course 1 Classes

So I decided to try out a cake decorating class because after joining IC:Earth and seeing all these beautifully iced cupcakes, I wanted mine to look as nice. This was our first project, a character cake so we could practice our star icing tips. I used the Wilton Topsy Turvy cake pan. I went a little crazy with my colors. I think all of my cakes could be contenders for CakeWrecks. That website is so hilarious.
My first character cake.
Our second project was the ice 6 cupcakes with the new techniques we learned which was drop & swirl flowers, shells, sweetpeas, bows, print. I didn't get to print...but here are my funny looking cupcakes.
Actually, here are my iced cupcakes ready to get decorated.
2nd project cupcakes
And here is how it looked like after I got my hands on them.
practice icing
I have one more class left! Were working on roses and we have to decorate a round cake. I signed up for Course 2 and this time its on Friday nights.


Anonymous said...

Alice! Serioulsy! Look at how gorgeous the cake and cupcakes are. And I know they tasted fabulous too. You totally need to have your own bakery.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that last one was me- I don't know how to sign on! ~Sarah

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