Sunday, September 7, 2008

Breakfast smoothie

Yay! It's my first recipe blog! This morning I made my husband and I a Berry Breakfast Smoothie. We had just purchased a new VitaMix blender recently. It was an anniversary gift to ourselves~ an early anniversary gift. It's actually on the 28th. I figured that we needed to use it a whole lot to make up for how much it cost. 

So here are my ingredients (you'll soon learn that I don't really measure anything, i've always went with how things look and taste). Also, I didn't really get this recipe from anywhere, I just mixed things that I thought might taste good and nutritious for the beginning of the day. 

-Silken Soft Tofu (I used the whole box)

-Milled Flax Seed (Keeps you fuller longer. I think I put about 2 Tbsp)

-1% or Skim Milk (You can use whatever milk you prefer. I used about 1/2cup)

-Fresh Mixed Berries (I used the whole pint. You can definitely use frozen berries)

-Vanilla Yogurt Blends (I probably used about a cup)
-Local Honey (2 Tbsp should be enough) 

Here it is in the blender all ready to go! I added about a cup of ice as well because I wanted it a little bit cold

I love this blender!

And here it is, in our smoothie cup thingys. There was enough leftover to fill up another glass. It was delicious.
The hubby rated this a 4 out of 5 stars. 


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